Travel insurance

What is Travel Insurance for?

If you are a UK resident you are entitled to free or reduced-cost, State-provided healthcare when visiting a European Union (EU) country as long as you have the necessary European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). However, in many other countries healthcare can be very expensive.

Most travel insurance plans will cover medical bills for £1m, and often more, as well as pay for an emergency air ambulance to bring you home for treatment in the UK. Travel insurance can also cover you against other mishaps while you're abroad, from lost luggage and theft to flight delays. Make sure you read the policy summary for exclusions – there are bound to be some. Also check for excess charges – some policies charge an excess per clause rather than one overall.

You could be offered travel insurance by the travel agent where you book your holiday, but you don't have to take their cover and generally travel insurance sold at the same time as a holiday, isn't covered by regulation. You can shop around and get the right cover for you. Find out whether your employer offers travel insurance as part of your benefits package.

What Travel Insurance does not cover?

You won't usually be covered for medical conditions you already have, or may have to pay extra to get them covered. Always ask if you're in doubt. Travelling against a doctor's advice may also invalidate your cover.

Important Tips for Travel Insurance
1. Read the paperwork and ask questions if you don't understand anything.

2. Make sure you check what you're covered or not covered for.

3. Tell the insurance company if you have any existing medical conditions.

4. Find out if your employer provides health insurance as part of your benefits package.

5. Don't be pressurised to take travel insurance from your travel agent – you don't have to, and other policies may be more suitable for you.

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