Flood Insurance - Flood damage claim options


Flood damage insurance comes to your aid in case you have lost your possessions due to a flood in your area.
If you have suffered flood damage and are intending to claim on your insurance policy, consider the following:

--You can make a claim directly to your insurer – who is obliged by FSA rules to handle your claim fairly.

--Individuals or companies who offer to notify your claim to the insurer or to negotiate it on your behalf) must:

-be regulated by FSA or

-be an exempt professional firm such as a law firm

-And as such, must handle your claim fairly.

Think about whether you need to hire a third party's help.

If you do decide you want to hire a third party, make sure you check how much it will cost you first (they may charge a share of any sum paid out by the insurer).

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has a useful list of questions and answers about flooding and insurance on their website – please refer to that for more information.

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