Norwich Union Comprehensive Car Insurance cover


Comprehensive car insurance cover

From satellite navigation to windscreens, accidental damage to third party liability, comprehensive car insurance from Norwich Union has what you need from a car insurance company.
Additional car cover is also available to ensure all your motor insurance needs are met.

What is covered?

• Loss of, theft or damage to your car
• Accident recovery
• New car replacement
• Liability to third parties
• Injury to you or your partner
• Medical expenses
• Emergency medical treatment
• Personal belongings
• No claim discount
• Glass in windscreens, sunroofs and windows
• Replacement locks
• Suspending cover
• Foreign Use

Loss of, theft or damage to your car

If you car is lost, stolen or damaged, Norwich Union may:
• Pay for your car to be repaired;
• Replace your car; or
• Pay you a cash amount equal to the loss or damage
When Norwich Union settle claims Norwich Union may take off an amount for Norwich Unionar, tear and loss of value. The same cover also applies to your car's accessories and spare parts while they are in or on your car or in your private garage. Norwich Union will also pay for loss of, or damage to, your car's audio equipment or satellite navigation system (up to £500, unless it was fitted by the manufacturer).
If you cannot drive your car as a result of damage insured under this policy, Norwich Union will pay the reasonable costs of:
• Protecting your car and removing it to the nearest Norwich Union Direct approved repairers; and
• Delivering your car back to your address in the British Isles after the repairs have been carried out.

Accident recovery

If you are involved in an accident, your car is not safe to drive afterwards, call us and Norwich Union will arrange for the following at no extra cost.
• Someone to come out and help. If your car cannot be made roadworthy within a reasonable time, Norwich Union will take it to a Norwich Union Direct approved repairer.
• Norwich Union can take your car to a repairer of your choice if this is nearer, but this may lead to delays in arranging for repairs to your car.
Our employees and contractors will use reasonable care and skill when providing the accident recovery service.

New car replacement

Norwich Union will replace your car with a new car of the same make and specification (if one is available in the UK) if, within 12 months of you or your partner buying your car from new:
• the cost of repairing any damage covered by the policy is more than 60% of your car's UK list price (including car tax and VAT) when you bought your car; or
• your car is stolen and not recovered.
Norwich Union will only replace your car if:
• you or your partner own your car or are buying it under a hire-purchase agreement (not a leasing, contract-hire agreement, or other type of agreement);
• the hire-purchase company agrees; and
• you or your partner are the first registered keeper of your car.

Liability to third parties

Our comprehensive car insurance policy covers you for liability to third parties.
Norwich Union will insure you for all amounts which you may have to pay as a result of you being legally liable for:
• a person's death or injury
• damage to their property (subject to a maximum of £20m)
Norwich Union will also pay the following legal costs if they relate to an incident under this section:
• the fees of solicitors Norwich Union ask to represent anyone Norwich Union insure
• fees for legal representatives Norwich Union ask to defend anyone Norwich Union insure

Injury to you or your partner

Our comprehensive car insurance policy provides you with cover if you or partner suffer accidental bodily injury in connection with your car.
The most Norwich Union will pay any one person after any accident is £2,500. The most Norwich Union will pay any one person during any one period of insurance is £5,000.

Medical expenses

Norwich Union will pay up to £100 for medical expenses if you or anyone in your van are injured as a direct result of your van being involved in an accident.

Emergency medical treatment

Norwich Union will refund any person using any car covered by this policy for emergency medical treatment payments they have to make under the Road Traffic Acts.
If Norwich Union make a payment under this section, this will not affect your no-claim discount.

Personal belongings

Norwich Union will pay a maximum of £150 for any one incident for the loss or damage to personal belongings caused accidentally by fire or theft while they are in or on your car.

No claim discount

If you make a claim under your policy, Norwich Union will reduce your no-claim discount in line with our scale.
If you do not make a claim under your policy, Norwich Union will increase your no-claim discount when you renew your policy in line with the scale Norwich Union apply at that time.
Norwich Union do not grant no-claim discounts for policies running for less than 12 months.

Glass in windscreens, sunroofs and windows

Any payment Norwich Union make for repairing or replacing glass in your car's windscreen, sunroof or windows (or for any scratches on the bodywork caused directly by the broken glass) will not affect your no-claim discount.

Replacement locks

If the car keys or lock transmitter of your car are lost or stolen, Norwich Union will pay the cost of replacing:
• the affected locks
• the ignition and steering lock
• the lock transmitter and central-locking system.

Suspending cover

If your car will be out of use for a continuous period of 28 days or more, and this is not as a result of any loss or damage covered by this policy, Norwich Union may suspend your cover and refund part of your premium for the laid-up period.
Norwich Union will pay this refund when you ask for the cover to start again.

Foreign Use

Our comprehensive car insurance policy covers you for using your car abroad.
All countries in the European Union have agreed that your Norwich Union Direct certificate of motor insurance should provide enough evidence that you are keeping to the laws on the compulsory insurance of motor vehicles in any of the countries you visit.
If you pay an extra premium, your policy can be extended to provide the same level of cover in the European Union and some other European countries as you have in the Territorial Limits.

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