Norwich Union Cover options & additional information

Cover options & additional information

To provide you with the flexible car insurance cover you want, Norwich Union offers a number of optional extras you can add to the policy of your choice, in addition to our standard comprehensive and third party fire and theft car insurance plans.

Our standard plans:

• Comprehensive cover

• Third party fire and theft cover

Additional cover options:

• Norwich Union Direct Breakdown Cover

• Legal services

• Courtesy Car

• Physio Fast

• European breakdown

• Travel abroad

Save up to 10% on comprehensive car insurance online now

Whether you are a young driver, a classic car owner or simply looking for an online car insurance quote, Norwich Union can help.

Norwich Union offer comprehensive and third party fire and theft car insurance quotes online. Norwich Union also offer additional cover options which allow you to upgrade your car cover.

Classic car owners can get an indication of their classic car insurance premium online and can insure their cars through us by calling 0845 300 0327.

Norwich Union also offer young driver car insurance through our Rapid Bonus policies.


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