Protecting your possessions – special insurance

What would happen if your house was damaged in a storm, flood or fire; you were burgled; or a tile fell off your roof and injured a passer-by? Do you have the right level of cover?

What about your personal belongings or pets – are they covered?

There is insurance to protect your home inside and out as well as to protect your possessions.

As with all insurance, it's important that you:

• give the full facts;

• read the policy summary to check what's covered and what isn't;

• shop around to get the best deal for you; and

• always compare what's covered by a policy, not just the price.

Some might be cheaper than others, but they may not offer the same level of protection.

You can choose from the following:

• Buildings insurance

• Contents insurance

• Motor insurance

• Pet insurance

• Flood damage claim options

In the next few articles, let's discuss how you can go about considering and taking these special types of insurance schemes to protect your posessions.

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