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Rapid Bonus

Norwich Union understands that young drivers taking out car insurance want to be able to build up no claims discount quickly. Our Rapid bonus comprehensive car insurance policy allows young drivers to do this.

What is Rapid Bonus?

Rapid Bonus is a specific young driver car insurance policy. It allows young drivers to build up their No Claims Discount quickly - hence develop lower future motor insurance premiums. Young drivers can also benefit from an additional discount if they complete 'Pass Plus'.
Rapid Bonus policies run for 9 months instead of 12 which means that if you don't claim, you get the equivalent of 1 year's No Claims Discount* in just 9 months, provided you renew your policy with Norwich Union.
This also means that in a 5 year period you could gain full No Claim Discount 15 months earlier. Based on a customer who starts with nil No Claims Discount (NCD).
* Norwich Union cannot guarantee that other insurers will accept the NCD proof.

Who qualifies for Rapid Bonus?

Young drivers that qualify are:

• Aged between 17-29

• Have no claims, accidents or convictions

• Have less than 4 years No Claim Discount

• Drive a ‘Group 15’ car or less

• Requiring a Comprehensive car insurance policy

What is covered?

This covers the basic module of Norwich Union Direct's car policy, our comprehensive car insurance cover.

All examples are based on customers who do not have any NCD-entitlement when they take out their policy and who remain claim-free for the life of their policy.

How do I obtain a Rapid Bonus Quote?

Please call 0800 092 9564 and ask for a Rapid Bonus quote. Unfortunately Norwich Union cannot offer a Rapid Bonus quote online at present.

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