Norwich Union Pay As You Drive™ overview

"Pay As You Drive"™ overview

"Pay As You Drive"™ insurance, which is a new and fairer way to insure your car, is designed for people who don't use their car as much as others. You simply pay variable costs based on when and where and how far you drive plus a fixed monthly fee.

Car Insurance is now fairer by miles
• If you drive less than 6000 miles, "Pay As You Drive"™ could save you up to 30% on your car insurance*.

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is fitted to your car for free. The GPS allows us to work out how you use you car, so you can enjoy a fairer premium.

• Norwich Union even include as standard an assistance button that provides you with around the clock access to help in the event of an accident or breakdown.

• That's not all - you'll also receive a 30 day free trial of satellite navigation. It's really easy to use, and a great way to make sure you never get lost.

* 24% of "Pay As You Drive"™ Pilot customers would have saved up to 30% compared to a standard Norwich Union Motor Insurance premium

The Benefits

Our award winning "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance offers you a unique way to help control your costs. You get great cover and much, much more.

Fairer pricing

"Pay As You Drive"™ is a unique form of car insurance with a fairer price.
You pay a monthly charge which is personal to you. It's made up of a fixed charge and an amount you control according to when, where and how far you drive

Comprehensive cover

Norwich Union haven't compromised on cover - you still get all you would expect from a comprehensive Norwich Union policy. So you are always covered for accidental damage, fire and theft.
There are also a number of additional services such as Norwich Union Rescue, and itemised billing that you can take advantage of.

Assistance button

"Pay As You Drive"™ insurance includes an assistance button fitted discreetly in your car. Just press the button to link directly to a personal assistant who can provide help, around the clock, if you break down or have an accident. You won’t have to remember any telephone numbers or even know where you are.

Satellite navigation - 30 day free trial

You also get to try Smartnav, an award-winning satellite navigation system, for a 30 day free trial. Press the assistance button to get clear directions to any location - so you can drive somewhere new with confidence. It's hassle free - no complicated maps or screens, just simple voice instructions at every turn.

If you like your trial you can choose to buy a 'pay as you go' service, or there's a subscription for drivers who want to use Smartnav more often.

Speed camera alert - 30 day free trial

In addition Norwich Union offer give you a 30 day free trial of Safe Speed. This alerts you when you approach areas monitored by most types of safety cameras, helping you to drive more safely.

Safe Speed is also available on a subscription basis after the trial period.

24% of "Pay As You Drive"™ Pilot customers would have saved up to 30% compared to a standard Norwich Union Motor Insurance premium

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