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1) I'm looking for short term cover for my car- is this product suitable for me?

No. "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance is an annual policy so is not suitable as short term cover. Norwich Union Direct is however, able to offer a tailored short term policy available on this website.

2) Why are vehicles which are older than 1990 ineligible for this product?

Our research has found that there can be problems fitting the in-car device to cars manufactured before this date.


3) How quickly will I be able to cover my car with "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance?

Norwich Union will be able to place you on cover immediately. You will be charged a base premium and flat rate charge (which will be confirmed with you) until the in-car device has been fitted in your car.

4) Can I have "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance if I'm interested in third party fire and theft cover only?

"Pay As You Drive"™ insurance is a comprehensive policy so Norwich Union are unable to offer third party fire and theft cover

5) Can I earn No Claims discount and will I be able to protect it?

With "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance you can earn No Claims Discount as usual, with the opportunity to protect it once you have reached 4 years discount. Once your No Claims Discount has been protected you can have 2 at fault claims in a 3 year period before any discount will be lost.

6) Can I drive other people's cars with "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance?

No. "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance premiums are based on actual vehicle usage as measured by the in-car device, therefore it is not appropriate to offer this cover under this policy.

7) What happens if I want to drive my car abroad?

With "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance you can easily be covered should you wish to drive abroad, just let us know when you take out your policy or advise us prior to travelling. A Foreign Use tariff, which will be advised to you on illustration, will be applied to any usage of your car outside of Great Britain.
8) If I drive quite often at night will "Pay As You Drive"™ cost me much more?

If you are aged 23 and under and intend to drive less than about 60 miles per month between 11pm and 6am then "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance could be suitable for you.

9) Could I actually end up paying more for my insurance with "Pay As You Drive"™?

Costs are dependent on your driving, so Norwich Union have included an important premium guarantee for the first year. If the total of the monthly premiums paid in return for cover under your insurance policy for the first 12 months is greater than the total amount you would have paid for the same period under a Norwich Union Direct motor insurance policy, then Norwich Union will refund you the difference


10) Will I be able to have the installation done at home or work?

Yes, RAC In-car Services will arrange to fit the in-car device at the most convenient location for you, so this can be at home, work or at one of the RAC Auto Windscreen centres.

11) How will installing the in-car device affect my car's warranty?

The Norwich Union Direct installation guidelines ensure that all installations are completed to the industry standards MPT1362, these guidelines protect the vehicle manufacturer's warranties.

12) What happens if I change my car?

Should you wish to change your car during the insurance period and retain your "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance policy, please notify us as early as possible of the intended car change. Norwich Union recommend you leave the in-car device in the current car and order a new in-car device for installation in your new car.


13) What sort of journey information can I expect to see on my itemised monthly bill?

Each month you will receive a bill which shows all journeys over 0.5 miles and the cost of each journey over the previous month (similar to a mobile phone bill). If you do not wish for this detail you will have the opportunity to opt out of itemised billing.

14) What happens if I disagree with anything on my bill?

Norwich Union will use the most accurate data possible when compiling your bill. Should you disagree with any information contained in your bill and your interpretation of a journey, you should contact us with your bill enquiry immediately so Norwich Union can investigate any discrepancy further.

15) Can I pay for "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance on an annual basis?

No. "Pay As You Drive"™ insurance is only available as a monthly paid policy, so you will need to have a direct debit facility to take out a policy with us. Norwich Union do not, hoNorwich Unionver, charge an additional cost for this service.

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