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Direct Line offers a range of discounts and product innovations that are aimed at achieving one thing – bringing down the cost of car insurance. Read on to find out about the exciting savings…

Named Driver No Claims Discount
Matched No Claims Discount
Motorbike No Claims Discount
Company Car No Claims Discount
Multi-car Discount
Breakdown Multi-car Discount

It’s all a fantastic reward for safer driving...

NAMED DRIVER NCD (No Claims Discount)

Direct Line is the first major insurance company in the UK that recognises named drivers’ No Claims history

If you have named drivers on your Direct Line car insurance policy, you (and they) will be pleased to know that we have become the first major insurance company in the UK to offer Named Driver No Claims Discounts.

This means that when we provide your named drivers with a quote for Direct Line car insurance, we’ll recognise every year they haven’t made a claim on your policy.

Taking advantage of this deal couldn’t be easier. Your named drivers’ no claims histories are automatically stored on our system, so when they come to apply for their own policy they simply need to give us your details online or on the phone and we can identify them immediately, at which point they will be able to receive up to 5 years' No Claims Discount on their own policy.

MATCHED NCD (No Claims Discount)

Use your No Claims Discount on your second car

If you are the only person insured on your Direct Line car insurance policy and you purchase a second car that will only be driven by you, we will match your No Claim Discount on the policy for your new vehicle.

In addition we will give you a 10% discount on the additional vehicle followed by 5% every year there after.

MOTORBIKE NCD (No Claims Discount)

Your motorbike No Claims Discount is recognised by Direct Line

Motorbike riders who are hanging up their helmets for the relative comfort of a car, will be pleased to know that we recognise your safe driving record. Your Motorbike No Claims Discount can be used against a car policy, and you can get the discount on the premium that you deserve.

COMPANY CAR NCD (No Claims Discount)

Claim-free driving of a company car can count on a Direct Line policy

We will reward your claim-free driving where you have recently relinquished a company car that you had sole use of.
If you’re over 25 and can confirm that you have made no claims on the company policy, then the Company Car No Claims Discount could mean that you are entitled to a discount of up to 5 years No Claims Discount on a policy you accept with us.


Insure both your cars for less with Direct Line

We don’t want to hit you in the pocket just because you own more than one car. In fact, we are dedicated to doing the exact opposite - saving you money with the new Multi-car Discount.

As part of Direct Line’s new improved car insurance deal, we’re offering a 10% discount on new policies taken out on any additional cars by named drivers or members of your household. This means that, as long as you can identify the existing policy in your household or the policy on which you are a named driver, we will discount your premium by 10% - it’s that simple.


Multi-car discounts on your breakdown cover

Customers who insure more than one car with Direct Line can also save money on their breakdown cover. Our Breakdown Multi-Car Discount offers a fantastic 35% saving off our top levels of cover.

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