Churchill Car Insurance Claims Procedure

Churchill Car Insurance guarantees you full peace of mind while buying car insurance through smooth and easy online process or call and buy process. The same kind of friendly and helpful process can be expected from Churchill while making a claim for a Car Insurance if you’ve bought a car insurance policy from Churchill.

Being involved in an accident can be very traumatic. By being prepared, knowing what to do at the time and having a quick and easy claims process, you'll feel more in control and confident about how the process works.

Churchill Insurance Claim helpline 24 hour phone number is: 0845 603 3599.

However, just before you call us, make sure you have the right documents and the required information that is required by law. Hence, below we mention a checklist for you to ensure that you have the required and necessary things to make your car travel safer and enjoyable. Not only that, in case of a misfortunate incident of an accident, we also provide you with a list of what you should carry in your car and what should you do if you find yourself in an accident situation.

Be prepared with the following in your car

It's always useful to have these things in your car in case of an accident:
• Pen and paper

• First aid kit

• Torch

What to do at the accident scene

If you find yourself in an accident

• Stop! You must stop after an accident by law

• You should check to see if anyone is hurt and if needed call an ambulance

• If there has been an injury, you need to tell the Police and get an incident number

• Providing it is safe to do so, you should not move the cars before an independent witness (if one is available) has noted their positions

• Even if you feel you are at fault do not admit liability at the scene as we will take care of this for you
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