Direct Line Pet Insurance: Summary of cover


We cover cats and dogs:

• Excludes working animals and dangerous dogs
• Must be in good health on the start date of insurance
• Aged between 8 weeks and up to 9 years (up to 6 years for some breeds)
• Must reside in the UK

Get the cover you need

It's designed to be flexible! Vet's fees cover is automatically included, up to the level you select, and our Helplines are included. Tailor the rest of the benefit options to suit your needs!

Essential policy:

Covers vet's fees for a maximum of 12 months treatment for each illness, injury or disease, up to £4,000 (per condition).

Advanced policy:

Covers vet's fees up to £6,000 (per condition) – with no time limit on reaching this amount.


• Both policies include three Helplines:
• Find a vet helpline
• Pet Bereavement Counselling
• Legal Advice Line

3 Additional Cover Options

i – Additional Benefits
Advertising and reward if your pet strays, gets lost or is stolen - up to £1000 towards advertising and £200 for reward
Reimbursement if you lose your pet through theft, straying or death due to accidental injury – purchase price, up to £1,500
Pet boarding costs if you have to go into hospital for more than 4 days – up to £1000
Holiday cancellation cover due to loss, illness or injury of your pet - up to £5,000
ii – Third Party Liability
Legal liability should your dog cause injury to another person or damage their property – up to £2 million (dogs only)

iii – Overseas Travel Cover

Extends the cover above for trips to countries included in the government's Pet Travel Scheme. There is no cover for liability arising under the laws of the USA or Canada. Also covers:
• Quarantine costs
• Loss of pet passport
• Repeat tick and worming treatment
• Emergency expenses while abroad.
• Need more information? See our Policy Document
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